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Ding! Hot Pockets

DING! Hot Pockets!

Executive Creative Director and Production Director

LEAD Agency


Drive Awareness of Hot Pockets High Protein message and made with 100% Real Cheese.  Remind Mom to stock up!   

Activations:  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Display Banners, Youtube and a ton of additional other content.  

Fun Fact: When you do creative or production for Hot Pockets, you consume a lot of Hot Pockets.     

"Pocket Typography" designed for Facebook and the Gram


"Need More" designed for Facebook and the Gram

Banner of Protein

"Plinko" designed for Stories

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 1.43.41 PM.png

We presented this idea "Catch a Pocket" in the pitch session. Animatic done by VFX team.

"Protein Crush" designed for Facebook and the Gram

"High Protein" designed for Facebook and the Gram

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