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Hallmark VR


Hallmark Virtual Reality Greeting Card

Production Director and Producer - BicMedia


Hallmark launched a virtual reality greeting card campaign that took the recipient on an unforgettable adventure. Using VR technology, these cards gave a 360-degree viewing journey tied to the theme of the card: hot air balloon ride, roller coaster, heli-skiing or even an African Safari.  

Activations:  Greeting Card and Youtube.

Fun Fact:  The pre-production process was to find the best 360 VR rig and post production process that would capture all these experiences in the best quality and in extreme temperatures, conditions and speeds. It was the most rewarding journey and exploration! 

It was a production crew of 3 and we traveled to Alaska to capture a complete VR experience for dogsledding, heli-skiing, ice fishing and the great northern lights. Then we traveled to Albuquerque for a beautiful balloon ride along the Rio Grande and then finished our journey at Cedar Point Theme Park on one of the fastest and tallest roller coasters in the world. It was an incredible journey and life changing experience all captured in a Virtual Reality world for a new greeting card.  

The Millennium Force:  Tallest and Fastest Roller Coaster

Hot Air Balloon Experience from Albuquerque over the Rio Grande

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