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California Pizza Kitchen

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Facebook Brand Lift Study results brought in big (+) numbers in ad recall and top of mind awareness. 🍕  

"Cali Vibe 1" for Facebook and the Gram

" Calif Vibe 2" for Facebook and the Gram

"Cali in Your Kitchen" campaign for Stories

California Pizza Kitchen Frozen Pizza 

Executive Creative Director and

Production Director on Vibe Assets - LEAD Agency


We brought the A-game with these assets in giving the California mindset with an elevated at-home experience with appetite appeal and focusing on packaging!  These moved the needle in purchase intent.  

Activations: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LIve Nation, Amazon

Fun Fact: In the "Cali in Your Kitchen" video assets, we photo scanned the pizza and placed a more appetite appealing slice in post production/VFX. Amazing work done there.  

"Cali in Your Kitchen" campaign for Facebook and the Gram

California Pizza Kitchen Frozen Pizza - Cauliflower Launch on Pinterest 

Executive Creative Director - LEAD Agency


Go after the competition and drive the amazing taste of this Cauliflower crust. And of course, bring the heat in break-through on that pin feed.  

Activations: Pinterest Campaign with Max Width, Talking Pins, Search and Static Pins.  

Fun Fact: Before starting creative, the team did a taste test with the competition, and this is by far the best tasting Cauliflower pizza out there. Do yourself a favor and buy 1 or 10.  

Max Width for Pinterest

Talking Pin for Pinterest

Talking Pin for Pinterest

Max Width for Pinterest

0513 CPK PinsCauliflower FInal.jpg

Static Pins for Pinterest

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